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Post service, telephone service, assistant services, nerves of steel and more First-class services in our Business Center

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More than
25 Years of Experience

Our team is your company's calling card - this is what we live and breathe! And our office service grows and changes as your company develops. Just let us know what we can do for you!

Stop by for a visit and experience up close how our team works for our customers on the phone, professionally and cheerfully. We have been representing our customers to the outside world successfully and with charm for more than 25 years.

What would you think about more free time for yourself?
Experience how our team makes all your wishes come true, even the ones you have overlooked. Your core business is important to us; we organise and plan, and we have your back.

WE ARE HAMBURG. The High Point in the North.

Services tailored to your needs:

Our services at the Hamburg Business Center:

  • Cheerful, dynamic reception team
  • How about some coffee? Our service with a smile
  • Post service – acceptance of your letters and parcels
  • Sorting and forwarding
  • Secretarial staff support: we are happy to take work off your hands.

  • Plenty of quality along with plenty of experience
  • "It's not what you say, it's how you say it": personal telephone service of the highest order!
  • Cordial and warm reception of your guests & "pampering" (simply the Hamburg way)
  • Organisation and service for meetings and confernces
  • English, Polish, Low German: our international reception service

WE ARE HAMBURG. Kiek mol in.


Rooms and Solutions

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An Office Without an Office

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Meeting & Conference Rooms

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We are Hamburg Flexibility, reliability and quality!

HBC is a family-owned company that operates with a competent team whose members have been working together for many years. We plan, support and organise so that you have time for the essentials.

Get started! With us by your side.

  • Reliable, first-class service
  • Preparation of statements for business expenses
  • Your back office for all office work
  • Support and organisation of your meeting, conference or seminar
  • Preparation and editing of presentations
  • Proposal: "Worry-free" reception for your visitors
  • Print, scan, bind & copy
  • Maintain and update your diary
  • Or just proofread something quickly…
Questions? Let us help! +49 40 350 85 85